Although President Inspires, Undocumented Persons Must Still be Cautious

This afternoon President Obama outlined his proposal for comprehensive immigration reform. The President’s speech was inspired, as is his plan for comprehensive immigration reform.

However, as the President made clear, passage of this reform is sure to face spirited opposition in Congress. The road is long, and the good fight is not yet won. But with continued effort and determination, undocumented persons will see a more compassionate and prosperous United States emerge to welcome them as citizens.

During this process, it is imperative that undocumented persons remember these important points:

  • First: This is just a proposal. As such, our work as individuals is in no way complete. We must continue to press our representatives for the reform we want realized.
  • Second: This is not a new law. Therefore there are no forms available or official steps that can be taken to expedite the process.
  • Third: Beware of notary fraud. Because there is no law in place, any group offering amnesty or similar services is fraudulent and should not be paid.
  • Fourth: Stay out of trouble. Undocumented persons can still be deported for a criminal offense such as DUI. It is crucial that undocumented persons remain on the right side of the law so as not to risk violating the terms of this upcoming reform.

This is a historic time for undocumented immigrants living in the United States, for families who have been separated by an unworkable immigration system, and for those of us who believe that every hardworking person deserves to be treated with respect and humanity and welcomed as citizens into the country they so diligently serve. And because this is so, we must continue to ensure that our leaders do their part to support this important reform.

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