Highlights from Nevada

Here are a few highlights from President Obama’s speech on immigration reform delivered yesterday in Nevada:

Pathway to Earned Citizenship:

  • Provisional Legal Status (Deferred Action for undocumented persons living in the U.S.)
    • Biometrics
    • Criminal background checks
    • Fees and Penalties
    • No welfare or other federal benefits
    • Agricultural workers and childhood arrivals included
  • Lawful Permanent Residence (more strict than previous requirements)
    • Pay back taxes
    • Additional criminal background checks
    • Register for Selective Service
    • Additional fees and penalties
    • Learn English and civics
    • 5 years conditional residency prior to citizenship eligibility
  • DREAMers
    • Expedited path to citizenship
      • Two years college OR
      • Two years honorable service in the military
  • Judicial Review
    • Available when provisional LPR status denied or revoked

Streamlining “Legal” Immigration (dealing with the line):

  • Eliminating Backlogs in Family Sponsored Immigration
    • Recapture unused visas
    • Temporarily increase annual visa numbers
    • Raise existing country caps from 7 to 15 percent
    • Treat same-sex families like all other families and provide applicable visas
    • Revise current unlawful presence bars to provide broader discretion to waive bars in cases of hardship
  • Better Address Humanitarian Concerns
    • Streamline immigration law to protect vulnerable immigrants
      • Victims of domestic violence
      • Victims of human and sex trafficking
      • More opportunities and less stringent requirements for asylum seekers

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