Recess-The Time to Work

On August 3rd Congress begins its annual August recess, but unlike the recess many of us remember from elementary school, our representatives don’t look forward to August as a reprieve from their busy schedules in Washington. Instead the August recess gives representatives a chance to return home to their districts and speak with their constituents.

At the beginning of the summer supporters of comprehensive immigration reform hoped a bill would pass before the month-long recess, and perhaps that prospect seemed more likely when the Senate passed it’s bipartisan proposal with 68 votes. Unfortunately, regardless of the objective reasonableness of the Senate bill, and the fact that the American people overwhelming support  a path to citizenship (88% according to a recent Gallup poll), the House has become a large hurdle blocking the will of the american people.

Fortunately, during the August recess the large majority of Americans who support immigration reform will have an opportunity to tell their Representatives how they feel. Next month is our chance to let our voices be heard. Reform opponents have already mobilized.  We must be better organized, and louder. According to a former House Representative Mark Kennedy, “Supporters of immigration reform are on the path to victory, but in order to cross the finish line they must have a plan to win August and the courage to stick to it.”

The American People, Including Republican Voters, Strongly Support Immigration Reform

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