This Week in Immigration Reform: Hope?

August 3rd marked the beginning of a congressional recess.  The month long recess will allow the House of Representatives to take a break from sitting on the Senate immigration bill for five weeks without any movement to speak of.  However, representatives are no doubt working hard and will spend the recess actively engaging their constituents to get a sense of how they should vote on the bill.  While the inactivity of the House on this issue may be disconcerting, there are reasons to be optimistic if we spend the month influencing our representatives to support reform.

If we speak our representatives will listen. House immigration champion Luis Gutierrez recently said, “Members [of Congress] go home and they go to town hall meetings and they check up on their offices in terms of phone calls and letters, and that’s where they get bombarded. So Republicans who are for immigration reform — and I believe there are many — we need to make our voice known in August.”  The articles below indicate that reform supporters are already beginning to mobilize throughout the country.  Moreover, the articles show that major GOP donors are pushing the party to support reform and some House Republicans are beginning to soften their positions on a path to citizenship.  Although, the news is mostly positive, a positive outcome depends on our action.  Hopefully we get the word out during the August recess, and our representatives return to Washington in September ready to work.

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