Immigration Topics

Immigration Topics is a weekly podcast hosted by Stephen Robbins and Gabe Harrison. Fellow attorneys are encouraged to listen to each week’s episode, leave comments, and study along for the following week’s discussion. As attorneys we should be vigilant about studying and brushing up on the ever-changing law in order to better serve our clients.

You can find Immigration Topics on iTunes by clicking right HERE. Please subscribe, leave a nice review, and remember to study up for next week.

For all the latest episodes, check out THIS link.

A brief disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to render legal advice. If you have immigration questions, concerns, doubts, or troubles, please contact a qualified immigration attorney in your area (or give us a call). Every case is very different and will require careful, individual analysis.

A briefer disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the law is always changing and certain “topics” may grow stale depending on the date you decide to listen to it.

Episode 3: Admission and Inspection, 245(i) Waivers

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